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23rd March 2018

Mental Health Awareness Event

Mental Health Awareness Event

14th March 2017

Resignation of Dr K Maleki

Dr Keivan Maleki will be leaving the Central Healthcare Centre on Friday 31 March 2017. Dr Maleki joined the practice as a Partner in June 2016 when his former practice Family Healthcare Centre merged with Central Surgery to form Central Healthcare Centre.

Dr Maleki's patients will automatically be assigned a new GP according to surname as below:

A – Man will be registered with Dr Popa “Female”

Mao – Z will be registered with Dr Mohamed “Female”

We would like to take this opportunity to advise you the Practice employs a variety of Healthcare professionals who are also available to see and treat you. These include Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and Healthcare Assistants. We ask that you give as much information about your condition as possible to the reception staff to enable them to make you an appointment with the most appropriate clinician.

Central Healthcare Centre wishes Dr Maleki the very best and we would like to reassure patients that we will continue to provide you with the same level of care.

22nd August 2016

Polite Notice - Parking in Sussex Road

For the safety of pedestrians, disabled members of the community and other road users, would patients please refrain from parking on the pavements and on the painted white lines.

Parking on the lines is greatly restricting traffic flow. Additionally, larger vehicles are finding it difficult and at times impossible to negotiate the corners creating further traffic congestion.

Please also be advised that the entrance to the garages/self-storage facility needs to be accessible at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation.

18th July 2016

We are aware that whilst at Family Healthcare Centre some patients may have been registered with Drs Burger and Prabhu. Unfortunately Drs Burger and Prabhu are not able to undertake all of the administration work associated with the patients who are registered with them, i.e. Prescriptions, hospital letters, test results etc. Therefore to ensure this administration work is dealt with regularly and fairly it has been necessary to allocate all patients who are currently registered with Drs Burger and Prabhu to one of the Partners at Central Healthcare Centre. Please be advised this does not affect your ability to see Drs Burger and Prabhu, you can still ask to see them as you do now, however the Doctor you are actually ‘registered’ with will now be one of the Partners.

We have divided Dr Burger’s and Prabhu’s patient list alphabetically by surname to the partners. Please see below how the list has been distributed:

Dr Burger's PatientsDr Prabhu's PatientsAllocated to:
A - JA Dr Magson
 O - ZDr Moghaddas
JB - P Dr Beata
Q - ZA - NDr Maleki

13th July 2016

Important Notice To Patients

This is to inform you Dr Shaikh is no longer working at the Central Healthcare Centre.

Please be reassured the remaining Partners are currently advertising to recruit a new Doctor.

In the meantime, all patients who were registered with Dr Shaikh have been allocated one of our remaining Partners, alphabetically by surname, as follows:

Surname begins with:Allocated to:
A - BUNDr Moghaddas
BUO - HDr Beata
I - ODr Magson
P - ZDr Maleki

Please feel free to ask the reception staff if you have any concerns. Many thanks

25th April 2016

GP services set to improve as practices merge

Dear Patient

The GP practice to which you are registered is joining forces to improve the services you receive.

Central Surgery and the Family Healthcare Centre will merge and work together as the ‘Central Healthcare Centre’. Both practices will operate from Central Surgery's existing building, at Sussex Road in Gorleston, from 6 June, with all staff moving to the site. The building currently housing the Family Healthcare Centre, in East Anglian Way, will be returned to its owners.

The practices also hope to establish a branch surgery when the new primary care centre at Shrublands in Gorleston is developed, in turn giving you a further choice of where you are seen.

Dawn Reeve, practice manager at Central Surgery, said: “We are committed to providing high quality GP services and would like to assure all our patients that they will continue to receive the same level of care when this move is complete.

“Working together will reduce our use of locum doctors, which means patients will be provided with greater continuity of care, and will also ensure we are able to continue recruiting new high calibre doctors to serve our patients.”

Dr Keivan Maleki at the Family Healthcare Centre, said: “The Central Surgery has ample room to accommodate our staff and patients, which means we will be able to offer services from large, purpose-built premises.

“Merging will also enhance the services we provide to all our patients by bringing together the knowledge and experience of all the clinicians from both the Central Surgery and Family Healthcare Centre.”

If you would like any further information please call 01493 414167 or attend our Open Day on Saturday 21 May, patients are invited to drop-in anytime between 9am and 1pm.

Yours sincerely

Dawn Reeve
Practice Manager
Central Surgery

Dr K Maleki
Senior Partner
Family Healthcare Centre

Family Healthcare Centre and Central Surgery merger FAQs

Q: Will I be able to see the same doctor?

A: Yes, there are currently no plans to change this.

Q: Will I be able to change doctors if I would like to?

A: You will be able to request to change your Doctor. Each request will be looked at by the Doctor you have requested to change to and a decision will be reached by the Doctor concerned.

Q: What improvements will I see as part of the merger?

A: The merger will mean that there are more doctors and other clinicians such as a Physicians Associate, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses and HealthCare Assistants all providing care for patients so there will be less need for locum doctors helping patients to have better continuity of care.

By being bigger and better we are hoping that the practice will be able to continue to recruit new high calibre doctors to serve patients. We also hope that by bringing together the knowledge and experience of all the clinicians from both surgeries that we can enhance the services provided.

Q: How can I make an appointment?

A: You can make an appointment by telephoning 01493 414141 pressing option one.

The appointment lines are open from 8:00 am and are at their busiest between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. It is advisable to ring after these times if requesting a future appointment as appointments can be booked up to four weeks in advance.

Appointments can now also be booked or cancelled using the Patient Online Access service. If you do not yet have access details please visit the surgery and ask at Main Reception.

Q: I currently go to the diabetes clinic at Family Healthcare – will I still be able to do this at Central Healthcare?

A: Yes, the same services will be offered at Central Healthcare Centre as at the two previous GP practices.

Q: How will the merger affect staff? Will there be a need for any redundancies?

A: The merger should benefit staff as well, by being bigger and better staff will be able to share their skills and knowledge and be better supported. We will be looking at the needs of the new practice and will be staffing it accordingly; unfortunately this may result in some redundancies of administrative staff.

Q: What will happen to the Patient Participation Groups at both practices?

A: Both practices currently have very effective and active PPGs and we are keen to make sure that we can merge the PPGs as well and that they remain effective and active and able to contribute to the work of the new Central Healthcare Centre.